Balázs Bedő

Since my early years my aim was to become a businessman one day. When I grew older, this feeling inside me became stronger and stronger. I knew that I would like to create something permanent, and I can do this all by myself.

The first impulse of the real estate industry occured me at the time of our family house sale process. We tried with the available property sales agents unsuccessfully for months. Then I decided to take it over and manage it myself. Using my past sales experience, as a beginner in this business, I managed to sell our house in 2 months. I was desperately seeking success that time, as well as looking for a career change, so consequenty I decided to start working in the property business.

I still believe in projects, where I can take over the management of a property, which is on the market for too long. To sell a property like this within a few months requires a new strategy with solid foundations. I particularly enjoy the process of these sales, as apart from it is a great challenge, it always confirms that with experience and engagement, success comes.

During my years of personal achievements, mentoring became an important factor of my professional life too. I’m planning to establish a charity organisation for kids. I believe that we can still do a lot to- and for each other. My family-centric view and my close relationship with my family members support all this. My partner and I are a pair together, and she has been my number one supporter both in my professional-, and personal life for more than 5 years.

If I can help in any way, please contact me on below channels.