Kálmán Csányi

I felt responsible for the safety and the peaceful life of people around me since my childhood. From this reason I served 8 years as a policeman after successfully graduated from the police academy. During my years in police, I have learnt teamwork, helping, developing and motivating each other. To ensure safety and the peaceful life of people remained my main motivation.

The time has come in my life, when I started to feel the desire to do something new but similar at the same time. A close friend has introduced me to the real estate business. He helped to sell my wife’s flat, and after that he helped us to find our family home, where my kids will grow up.

I think this profession is also a way of helping people. This helpfulness gives me the excitement, motivation and hope again. Balázs Bedő introduced me IP-international and the professional know-how, the background and the view of the colleagues here. I realised that all these are unmissable to represent our clients on high standard. I know that many people are working in the real estate industry, representing various service levels. My aim is to stand out from the average realtor, beacuse “the steps towards success are never crowded at the top”.

I know that the secret is to represent my clients as I would want to be represented. This profession requires integrity, honesty, ethic and not least knowledge. My youthful view, innovative approach and uncompromisable resilience help me, to serve my clients the best possible way.

In case you need help, advice or just have a question, please contact me through any of below channels.