Gábor Kiss

I have always been working on to improve the health of my clients and to maintain this precious value in its best form. I moved industries and now I’m working in the real estate business, but regardless, I’m doing the same again, but now with the living conditions of my clients.

For the most of us, our property is the highest value item in our lives. When the time comes, the management of our highest value item has to be done by experts. One can create value only by customer- and solution-centered thinking in this service segment. An honest communication is essential to achieve success, and with that I always thriving to achieve the most reasonable solution. This approach has been the proven recipe for success throughout my life.

I have experienced the forward thinking approach of IP International myself as a seller, and I am convinced that its approach is the future of the real estate industry. With my wide network and the support of IP International back office, my mission is to show everyone the importance of true professionals.

Every single feedback from my satisfied customers supports my belief in a credible and honest work ethic. If you rely on me with your health in the gym, you know how target-oriented and customer-focused I am. I do exactly the same when you trust me to sell your property too.

“People don’t buy products, they buy solutions to their problems”

If I can help with your property questions, please contact me through any of below channels.