Kovács Kornél

My childhood interests led me straight to economic studies, then later my friend, Zoli (with considerable efforts) introduced me to real estate industry. I had strong concerns, I asked myself: ME? TO BE A REALTOR? I’ve been captivated by negative stereotypes about estate agents, but when I started my career in the most aspiring office of a market leading property agency in Hungary all this has changed.

I have dug myself into the job and could experience the beauty of this profession the way I could not even imagine before. It is a fantastic feeling to meet new people, to know different kind of properties and solve various situations. I feel this magic every day and it helped me to become one of the most successful realtors in the country. By experiencing the huge gap between the assumptions and the reality, my mission is to prove the value of an estate agent’s work and to elevate its reputation to the right level.

I have founded IP International, to gather the best professionals, who share the same values, living and breathing this job as a lifestyle. Our aim is to prove that this profession can be done responsibly, respectfully and humbly, on a customer-centric way. This can be done by growing our community of like-minded professionals and by covering the country with our experts.

The last few years have been justifying the feasibility of this long-term strategy. The tremendous number of feedbacks from past clients, their constant references to new clients, the application of fantastic and capable new colleagues are making me so proud. For me, this is the true success.

I’m ready to help you too, so don’t hesitate contacting me through any of below channels.