Márk Kovács

Kovács Márk

I’ve been dropped into the world of sale right after my university studies 5 years ago. A personal experience of our family home sales helped me to get closer to the real estate industry at a young age. It has demonstrated me the importance of property sales management and as a result I have started to learn this profession right from that moment, and my aim is to share all my knowledge and experience when representing you at the highest professional level in your property business.

I’m absolutely clear of the differences between qualitative and quantitative real estate managers. Sincet he beginning of my career, my focus is on to provide the highest quality over quantity, the same as I would expect from an agent.

Looking back with proudness, that I have managed to complete more than 1,000 contracts in the total value of billions. I look at every single mandate as it was my own.

I have started my realtor career at a large franchise organisation. Experienced both its benefits and concernes, but learnt the largest lesson, that one can achieve the best results only with bespoke strategies case by case.

I have found the approach and the back office support at IP International to maximise the services to my customers, let it be a buying or sales transaction, insurance, mortgage or any other service.

My main territory is Budapest and its agglomeration. If you need an experienced and devoted realtor, I’m ready to prove how a specialist could add value tot he property business.

For a personal consultaion please contact me today.