Since 2005 I’m working with new and used property sales. Since 2015 I’ve been working as the owner of my company. I have married in 2016 and now I’m the father of two boys.

Together with my colleagues we believe that property sales can be done with integrity, it can be an overall service covering all aspects, and it can provide great satisfaction to both seller and buyer. I do my work with passion, on a precise and transparent way. I cover the entire market and make sure that you do not have to invest much energy into the process – I’m here just for to do that. As co-founder of IP International I believe that regardless of the property is a 2 bedroom flat or a large country house, the client’s interests are the first.

With my blog at ingatlan.blog.hu my aim is to provide help to self-starters to sell their property, and sales colleagues for their professional improvement. You can read the latest property market news there and through the linked Facebook page you can share your views and ask questions too.

I’m also the co-host of Kalmarok (kalmarok.hu) real estate podcast. Both media are working to reach more and more people and to share the positive message of the property sales profession. My mission is to let people know that the property sales professionals are not necessarily profit-oriented sharks, but experts with rich network connections and that they do their job with integrity and passion.

You can find more information about me at my website. Please contact me on below channels if you are planning to either selliing or buying a property.