Eszter Vörös

Every part of my life I live with discretion, high standard and genuine enthusiasm. My biggest passion is property. There are no secrets: you need to buy and sell on the best possible price. I represent all my mandates with this in mind. I conduct a thorough and detailed conversation about your dream property, which helps closing out the unnecessary rounds. I believe that sometimes the littlest detail is the most important. In our fast-paced life, organisation is as important as the time-factor. Efficiency is my principle, alongside integrity and common sense.

I like chatting, to make new acquaintances, experience new situations and offer a helping hand in difficult circumstances. You can trust in my expertism to find your dream home or to find your buyer in the shortest possible time. I provide a fully planned project management, supported with high standard and long years of experience (marketing campaigns, customer management, negotiation), and can mobilise my network of financial and legal consultants, interior designers and house movers to support your project.

My main goal is to see my clients smiling faces at the signing of a contract, as this is the best feedback of a satified customer. I’m motivated by challenges, when I need to conclude a transaction or a renovation in a set time, and to make sure other parts of life are going with normal pace. You can put up your feet, I manage every single to dos about your property. This is the way I can be of a maximum help for my clients.

I believe in the word of mouth, and that my clients are sharing my number. If you need help with your property, just contact me through any of below channels. Have a lovely day!



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